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An Open Letter to Wes Johnson

January 11, 2012


Dear Wes Johnson, You have a marvelous smile. You are athletic. Lengthy and fit. Your body is perfect for the NBA game. You could work a bit on your lateral quickness, but as I mentioned, you make up for it with your length. And as far as your strength goes, you’re no slouch. You got […]

Weekend Roundup: August 5th – August 7th

August 8, 2011


– Over the weekend Michael Beasley put his hand in the face of a heckler and then smeared it in the person’s face while he was playing some street ball in NYC. And then people became outraged saying it was a horrible act. Give me break. It is not like he went all Ron Artest […]

Weekend Roundup: July 22nd – July 24th

July 25, 2011


-Congrats to Bert Blyleven on being inducted into the hall of fame. He certainly deserves it. While there are many that points towards Bert being the first hall of fame inductee to benefit significantly from Sabermetrics, and while that is in fact true, I also wonder how much he benefited from the steroids era. When […]

Weekend Roundup: July 15th – July 17th

July 18, 2011


I was very angry that the US Women lost the in the World Cup Finals to Japan in the worst way possible – PKs. That said,  I was not angry with players. I mean how could you be angry at a face like Alex Morgan’s?  -I was genuinely angry that the US Women’s soccer team […]

Weekend Roundup July 8th – July 10th

July 11, 2011


Weekend Roundup is a new installment to Smithy Sports. Basically it is rapid bullet points giving you my thoughts on the sports world and what I watched. Lets begin! I am utterly convinced soccer, no matter what kind or what level, has the worst refs imaginable. I swear, soccer refs make Jim Joyce look like […]

Creatively Diagnosing Every NBA Team

July 8, 2011


In a creative writing class I took during high school the biggest thing I learned from it, is that it is better to have a poorly drawn out horrible story that is so bad the editor wants to pull their eyes out and force the pieces of paper down your throat than a boring mediocre […]

A look at Kahn’s young talented roster

July 6, 2011


Just take a look at the young talent Kahn has put together. I realize I am in the minority when it comes towards supporting David Kahn. But hey, when you consider I am a white male, it is refreshing to be in the minority ever once and awhile. I don’t really know why I support David […]