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Weekend Roundup: August 5th – August 7th

August 8, 2011


– Over the weekend Michael Beasley put his hand in the face of a heckler and then smeared it in the person’s face while he was playing some street ball in NYC. And then people became outraged saying it was a horrible act. Give me break. It is not like he went all Ron Artest […]

The State of The Vikings

August 4, 2011


The Vikings won’t be as good as their Cheer Leaders are good looking. Yes, I used this photo to increase traffic. The Vikings are in an interesting state because they have young talent in a handful of skill positions on offense, like in running back, quarterback and Tight end. However they need desperate help when […]

Weekend Roundup: July 28th – July 31st

August 1, 2011


-On Friday I went to the Lynx game with my friend David. At the game I saw Maya Moore throw the greatest pass not to be caught by teammate. She was driving to the line and she a Seattle player on her front shoulder and another Storm player on her back shoulder. However with the […]

MLB Trade Deadline vs. NFL Free Agency: Football Knocks The Excitement Out Of The Park Whereas Baseball Pops Up Foul

July 30, 2011


Never before has the MLB Trade Deadline been this bland. For as long as I can remember, the dilemma – of will Team X trade their top rising prospect for the really good player on Team Y – has always enticed my sports fandom leaving me glued to the TV and taking in Buster Olney’s […]

Pondering Gardenhire’s fruit basket heading

July 22, 2011


With news that the Minnesota State Budget situation has been solved, the heading at the top of the site needs to be changed. So with that said, I will be changing the current heading: Struggling to get page views like a modern day Blacksmith trying to get clients or like the State of Minnesota trying […]