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Living on a mid-major countryside

December 5, 2011


Growing up in a Big Ten household, I always looked down upon the mid-major schools who felt they deserved a shot at a bowl game or a ticket to the dance in March over us Gophers or any team in one of the big time conferences. My mindset was that the schools in the smaller […]

How the "Chirp" does Ball State make a bowl game?

November 18, 2011


After coming off a heartbreaking loss to Northern Illinois, where a win would have solidified the Cardinals place in a bid for a bowl game – and made the week leading into the game against Toledo a lot less nerve wrecking for Cardinal fans who are looking at it as a “If we win there […]

Weekend Roundup August 12th – August 14th

August 16, 2011


– I am at college as I speak, err I mean, as I type. Actually I am doing this in my dorm room. Anyway I am at Ball State… speaking of which… – Lets start talkin’ and chirpin’ about some Cardinal Football! I don’t know that much about’em, I have never ever seen them play […]

The elements Forbes neglect when ranking colleges

August 11, 2011


In the 2010 college rankings from Forbes, they might as well of taken a giant dump on the Midwest and made the East Coast that sticky page in your ‘adult’ magazine. If the allure of Massachusetts, New York or other states with funny accents doesn’t attract your mind, don’t expect your head to feel any […]

Weekend Roundup: August 5th – August 7th

August 8, 2011


– Over the weekend Michael Beasley put his hand in the face of a heckler and then smeared it in the person’s face while he was playing some street ball in NYC. And then people became outraged saying it was a horrible act. Give me break. It is not like he went all Ron Artest […]

Ball State Orientation

July 5, 2011


Being as I have not posted a blog in a week you might wondering what the heck happened to me. Well you see i was away at College Orientation and celebrating the 4th of July. Nonetheless, I think I have made up for last week, because this up coming piece is the longest post to […]

Meet Jane Doe

June 22, 2011


With facebook every once and awhile you receive a friend request from someone you don’t know and have absolutely no connection to. While it is a rare occurrence, because unlike myspace facebook isn’t swamped with weirdoes and pedophiles, the occasional friend request from a smokin’ hot Chinese foreign exchange student studying economics in her sophomore […]