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>The two biggest drinkers of Haterade square off in the decade’s definitive battle of ultimate bigotry this Sunday on PPV as World of Hate Entetainment (WHE) presents Hateamania I: KKK vs. WBC

May 31, 2011


> Hatemania I is sponsored exclusively by Haterade (I made that headline up just to get your attention, and the whole theme of Wrestlemania/a professional wrestling pay per view is never seen in the story again.) So hey, did you hear about the time when the KKK fought the Westboro Baptist Church? No, this is […]

>‘Dead Rat’ vs. ‘A Not So Manly Intern’

May 27, 2011


> The only kind of rat I would pick up is this one: a knitted one As I walk into work today Cortney tells me, “Just so you know we have our interns pick up the dead mice down stairs.” And on that note, I freeze like that one kid at a house party when […]

>Blah divided by a smidge of hoopla

May 26, 2011


> I think with yesterdays blog posts this blog is officially rated PG-13. It’s not PG because it is kind of inappropriate, but it is definitely not R because it doesn’t have any swearing or anything like that. Today was nice, a lot better than yesterday because I was motivated to write. I really enjoyed […]

>The rapture includes photos of Kim Kardashian!?

May 25, 2011


> I figure this is an appropriate photo of Kim Kardashian I could post in my blog   And boom goes the dynamite… it happened. It finally occurred. Just as I predicted the rapture took place. No, I am not talking about the rapture Harold Camping incorrectly envisaged, but the rapture I foresaw coming my way […]

>Just an uneventful day of crazy Egyptians and middle aged PDA

May 24, 2011


> After not having the internet at all yesterday, today we got the internet back, thank God. I guess some cord was shot or old or something, so someone put in a new one. I don’t really know, but just so long as we have the internet that is all that I care about, because, […]

>First Intern Moment

May 23, 2011


> It finally happened. I had been expecting it for awhile now. After two weeks, it was bound to happen. It was inevitable, right? Of course it was! How did I not see it coming?! I mean, it is the fate of every lowly intern that has ever been a lowly intern. That’s right: today […]

>Please, don’t shoot me with estrogen!

May 20, 2011


> Because I got the majority of my sports blogs done earlier in the week, with exception of one Twins blog post I did today which I am particularly proud of, the rest of my blogging pertained to writing about Taylor Swift, the musical ‘Guys and Dolls’, the rock band (if you can call them […]