August 24, 2011


So now that I am college I highly doubt I will we writing as much as I use to, (which was basically every other day except for weekends). With that said I won’t say I won’t stop writing, just expect not as much. Actually who knows. this could be the end as far as I […]

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Twins GM Bill Smith Sucks

August 18, 2011


For the past couple blog posts I have been extremely harsh on Twins GM Bill Smith without once ever fully explaining why I have such a negative outlook on the Jabba the Hut of baseball General Managers (He slightly resembles the fat lard). However that will change now as I go every major transaction Smith […]

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Weekend Roundup August 12th – August 14th

August 16, 2011


– I am at college as I speak, err I mean, as I type. Actually I am doing this in my dorm room. Anyway I am at Ball State… speaking of which… – Lets start talkin’ and chirpin’ about some Cardinal Football! I don’t know that much about’em, I have never ever seen them play […]

Quit the Joe Mauer hatin’

August 12, 2011


As I read Jim Souhan’s column on August 10th I was mightily impressed he included evidence and stats. Everyone needs to start sometime, even a nationally syndicated columnist, right? That said, as usual, I still had my issues with it and the piece’s anti Joe Mauer message – calling the reasoning behind the excessive signing of […]