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David ‘Robespierre’ Kahn’s positive Reign of Terror.

June 24, 2011


For my sophomore history research paper I wrote about Robespierre and how he wasn’t that bad of a dude, and his ideas of fighting for the lower blue collar working class as well as improving France’s education system so early childhood development was available to all children (including women might I add) outweighed the horrible […]

Meet Jane Doe

June 22, 2011


With facebook every once and awhile you receive a friend request from someone you don’t know and have absolutely no connection to. While it is a rare occurrence, because unlike myspace facebook isn’t swamped with weirdoes and pedophiles, the occasional friend request from a smokin’ hot Chinese foreign exchange student studying economics in her sophomore […]

Drew Butera reminds us why baseball is awesome

June 20, 2011


Drew Butera’s walk off yesterday reminded us baseball is an awesome game because anyone can be a hero. You know everyone in Target Field and at home yesterday was thinking the following when Drew Butera was at bat in the bottom 9th with the game winning run in scoring position: “Why can’t Joe Mauer be up […]

Issue with opinion on Marshon Brooks

June 17, 2011


Marshon Brooks is anything but a high risk high reward pick I was trying to come up with an interesting attention grabbing opening sentence but I can’t, so I figured I might as well tell all of you, my 20 or readers many of whom I know- except for you two Germans who probably had […]

Graduation and Sports Fandom

June 14, 2011


At my school we don’t get a cap or robe, we get a wedding. I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!! Ya hear that Ma, your little guy graduated! Look ma, watch me hold my diploma with no hands! Shoot, there it goes lost blowing in the wind! (Now let me set things straight for a moment now: I didn’t […]

>In the end…

June 3, 2011


> This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end  Yes this is the end. This is the last day of my senior project. My four weeks of blogging for my senior project has come to an end. Through it all I have gone through four weeks of intensive […]

>Interviewing blurbs with no budget

June 2, 2011


> Last night I finished off one of the key components to my senior project: the career awareness interview. For those that don’t know what that means (Yes I am talking to you my two wonderful German fans who have read every single one of my Blog posts) it means that I had to interview […]