Twins GM Bill Smith Sucks

Posted on August 18, 2011


For the past couple blog posts I have been extremely harsh on Twins GM Bill Smith without once ever fully explaining why I have such a negative outlook on the Jabba the Hut of baseball General Managers (He slightly resembles the fat lard). However that will change now as I go every major transaction Smith has done since taking over for Terry Ryan in October of 2007.


November 28th – Twins trade starting pitcher Matt Garza , starting shortstop Jason Bartlett and some no name minor league pitcher who has yet to make it to the Big Leagues for Outfielder Delmon Young and in-fielder Brendan Harris. Not a bad move. We had to get rid of Garza for similar reasons why the Ray had to get rid of Young – a history of attitude problems and maybe a change of scenery would do them both good. And the trade did exactly just that. Garza became an ace that helped lead them to the World Series and Young, as evident by last year, was just starting to scratch the surface of his potential. Unfortunately the Bartlett for Harris swap turned out horribly for the Twins as Bartlett would spend the next two seasons with outstanding years, his first two years out of the three with the Rays he was outstanding in. In 2008 he batted .286, and 2009 he had a career year where he batted .320. and over the three years he was in Tampa he batted a combined total of .286. Meanwhile in Harris’ three years in a Twins uniform he stunk up the joint and batted a combined total of .227. And now that the Twins traded Young for a name nothing that will become nothing, Jobba the Hut, Bill Smith absolutely blew it with this trade. In the end it was ‘not a bad move’ that turned into a horrible move.


January 29th – Trade starting pitcher and Cy Young award winning to the Mets for Center Fielder Carlos Gomez and a bunch of no name prospects that are closer to making the Big leagues than Paris Hilton is to practicing abstinence. This is one of the worst trades ever, especially when you consider the Twins could have traded Johan to the Red Sox for Jacoby Ellsburry and some prospects. Bill Smith should be getting more flak for this move than Kahn has for any of his moves!

February 12th – Signed Livan Hernandez to a one year deal… the first of many ‘yawn; moves by Smith. And once again with this move the Twins found themselves still being a team that gets knocked out of the first round. Yawn.

December 11th – agreed to terms with Nick Punto on a two-year club option. Yawn.


February 22nd – singed third baseman to a one-year deal. Well that turned out great, didn’t it? Yawn.

July 31st – Get Orlando Cabrera for less than half season to make the playoffs and then quickly get ousted in the first round again. We then let him go. Yawn.

August 28th – traded pitcher Phil Humber for Jon Rauch. As cool as Rauch’s entrance video was – it honestly looked like a vignette for a professional wrestler with his height and all his tattoos – the move was anything but cool, and inactuallity was down right lukewarm. With this ‘yawn’ move the Twins stayed mediocre enough to get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs again.

November 6th – traded CF Carlos Gomez to Brewers for SS JJ Hardy, who due to injuries in his first season with the Twins, understandably, played poorly. So what do we do? Get rid and let him go to Orioles where he now has 23 Home runs and batting average of .270. Really Bill Smith? You just give up on a player in one year because of an injury? As evident by the most recent Young trade (which we will get too later on) this seems to be an idiotic pattern of yours.


July 29th – We trade catcher Wilson Ramos for closer Matt Capps. So at the time the trade was ‘ok’, but with Capps current performance, and after having Mauer basically gone for the majority of the season, and therefore having Drew Butera at catcher for the majority of the season, I am pretty sure we would have been in better shape with Ramos at catcher instead of Butera. And when you look at some important stats like WAR, you will see that Ramos by himself is more valuable than Capps and a helluva a lot more valuable than Butera. Ramos’ 2011 WAR is 1.3. Capps’ 2011 WAR is 1.1. And Butera’s 2011 WAR is a hysterical -0.9. Which means by playing him, your team has a greater chance of loosing. So in the end it turned out to be an awful trade.

December 17th – Signed Japanese baseball player Tsuyoshi Nishioka to a three-year contract worth 10 million dollars. But when you consider the Twins paid Nishioka 5 million dollars just to negotiate with they are ending up paying this guy 15 million dollars. And so far this season, it became very apparent very quickly that this import from Japan isn’t worth 15 million dollars. Horrible signing Billy Boy.


August 15th – Twins trade Delmon Young to the Tigers for two no name, no good minor league pitchers. You know my thoughts on this from this past Weekend Roundup. HORRIBLE TRADE!

As you can tell from above, Bill Smith has done nothing to improve the team. He has either made ‘yawn’ moves to keep them at that mediocre level of getting the club knocked out of the first round every year or hampered the team and made them worse. And by the team’s current underperforming and disappointing season it looks like all of Billy Boy’s idiotic moves have finally caught up to him as he can no longer hide behind the smart moves of Terry Ryan. This season Billy Boy has finally shown us how bad he really is. So to all of you who think David Kahn is the worst professional sports executive in the state of Minnesota – think again. It is really Twins General Manager Bill Smith.

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