Weekend Roundup August 12th – August 14th

Posted on August 16, 2011


– I am at college as I speak, err I mean, as I type. Actually I am doing this in my dorm room. Anyway I am at Ball State… speaking of which…

– Lets start talkin’ and chirpin’ about some Cardinal Football! I don’t know that much about’em, I have never ever seen them play game in my entire life, but after reading up about the team here is what I found out: they have new coach, and thus they are rebuilding. That said, I am not too worried about it- after watching Golden Gopher football for the past 18 years, I am positive nothing can be any worse. Thanks to the Gophers I am numb to loosing college football games at this point – so BSU football, you have plenty of time rebuild and go threw some growing pains, because Gopher Football is like vicodin – after taking it for 18 years I don’t feel a thing and find myself to be constipated. So how bout it Cardinal football? You help me feel again and loosen me up!

– Well that was gross… but funny… but still kind of gross…

– The Twins traded Delmon Young to the Tigers for Minor League left handed pitcher Nelson Cole, who besides growing up in Minnesota I have absolutely nothing in common with. Listen I am no a general manager but isn’t there some unwritten rule you don’t trade within the division? Also, Twins you don’t mean to tell me you couldn’t find a different left handed minor league pitcher who is just as good, um, well, I don’t know. (Normally I would say ‘good’ but Cole is not! In class A he is 5-11 with a 4.87 era! The guy has more height; he is 6’7’’ –  than he has wins!)

– I realize just about every Twins fans heart will burst of sadness and hatred when I say this but the Twins really should of traded Cuddyer! Cuddy is older, at 32, and is in a contract year, and when you consider he is putting up career numbers and is peaking, it means one of two things will happen: 1. We sign him to a crazy deal worth way too much as we see Cuddy’s skills regress, due to age, over the last seasons he is stuck in a Twins uniform. 2. We don’t sign him. There was another option, which was trade him and get something for him, but it looks like the Twins decided to opt out of that one and instead trade a player, in Delmon Young, who was young, with a boatload of room to grew (as evident by last season where basically hit .300 – he was at .298 – had 20+ HR and 110+ RBI’s). And the reason why Young wasn’t performing as well this year is because he has been injured! Horrible trade Twins. Bill Smith you are idiot. An absolute idiot.

– And if Smith’s reasoning behind this is too give Ben Revere more playing time in LF I will blow a fuse. There is nothing preventing them from letting Young DH against Left Handed Pitchers or when Jason Kubel is injured. With Jim Thome up in age and possible retiring, we need a 2nd DH, and Young was it. And when Kubel is in right field, let Young DH. Also what is preventing Young from playing RF. That is the position he entered the league in.

-And one more time… Bill Smith is an idiot.