Weekend Roundup: August 5th – August 7th

Posted on August 8, 2011


– Over the weekend Michael Beasley put his hand in the face of a heckler and then smeared it in the person’s face while he was playing some street ball in NYC. And then people became outraged saying it was a horrible act. Give me break. It is not like he went all Ron Artest and knocked a fan out. Yes he was immature about it, but it is not like he did anything that bad. I am not saying he shouldn’t be punished, but people are overacting. Besides out of all the wrong things Beasley has done, this doesn’t even make the top 10, so everyone take a chill pill. I’d rather have him be doing this then getting arrested.

– Randy Moss retired. Everyone can argue about his legacy and his impact on the game but the fact is, if you forget what he did off the field, forget that he took plays off (Which I don’t blame him for. If the team is doing a running play on the opposite side of the field, what is the point of blocking the cornerback pressing you?) and just remember him playing you will realize he was the most electrifying wide receiver to ever play the game. When it came to making big plays and running that nine route, no one has and no one will be any better than The Freak, Randy Moss.

– Am I the only one who thinks the Cowboys vs. Aliens script was just three pages long? First page said Cowboys. Second page said Vs. Third page said Aliens. And that was all it read.

– Reportedly the Timberwolves interviewed Sam Mitchell on Friday. I’d be down with that hire. It might actually bring some good press to an organization that is allergic to getting good press.

– Hey Denard Span came back and kicked Ben Revere out of center field. I think Ben Revere should play for Delmon Young every other season. Young seems like one of those players who will have up and down seasons. One season he is good, the next he stinks. Then he is good again, but then he stinks again. During the seasons in which he stinks, let Revere play left field.

– I am really surprised Twin’s General Manager Bill Smith isn’t getting blackballed the same way David Kahn does. If it weren’t for the moves Terry Ryan made before he stepped down, the Twins would stink. The only move Bill Smith has made that was good was the trade for Delmon Young, and even that wasn’t that good. Also if it weren’t for Gardy’s ability to work with an island of misfit toys, the Twins would be horrible. Smith should be thanking Gardy and Ryan with all his life.

– The Lynx keep rolling along, still room on the bandwagon everyone!

– This is my last week in Minnesota before I head off to Ball State for college.