Pondering Gardenhire’s fruit basket heading

Posted on July 22, 2011


With news that the Minnesota State Budget situation has been solved, the heading at the top of the site needs to be changed. So with that said, I will be changing the current heading:

Struggling to get page views like a modern day Blacksmith trying to get clients or like the State of Minnesota trying to set a budget.

To the following heading:

Struggling to get page views like a modern day Blacksmith trying to get clients or like the NBA trying to settle its lockout.

So until the NBA labor situation gets figured out, that will be the heading. Unfortunately it looks like that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Anyway, the Twin’s are now five games back of the Tigers and open a key four game with them tonight. Obviously it is highly unlikely they will sweep the Tigers (if they do, I will send Ron Gardenhire a fruit basket and a thank you card), but it is extremely important for the Twin’s to win the series and at the very least split the series. If they end up loosing the series, Gardy will receive a half eaten fruit basket and a torn apart thank you card.

Also, how bout them Vikings? I mean what are they suppose to do with Sydney Rice? Should we sign him? Yes. With the young up and coming offensive group of Ponder (23 years old) Adrian Peterson (26 years old) Sydney Rice (24 years old) and Kyle Rudolph (21 years old), they have talent at all of the offensive skill positions. Now all they need to do is improve their offensive line and figure out what to do with their aging defense, and then they will be contending again. In the meantime they will be rebuilding. But hey, there is nothing more exciting than watching a young QB develop, so I am pretty excited for the season. Side note: something tells the Vikings really regret not just hiring Mike Tomlin after his one year as d-coordinator with the Vikings. It is evident by how much the Players despised Chilldress, the team would have just loved it if the Vikes just got rid of Chilly even after his first year.

Good God is this post awful. It has absokutley no point, story structure, narrative, theme, meaning or message. And worst of all it has not even been that entertaining or funny! (I think the title is funny, but that is about it. And Gardy recieving a fruit basket from me, which will happen if they sweep/lose the series to the Tigers.) All that this post is, is a bunch of ramblings, and stuff. But that is why I like it, after putting out 4 straight really good, themed focused and message driven articles (I am not counting Weekend Roundup), it is rather refreshing to just write and ramble and stuff.

Well I have probably bored you enough, because, as a matter of fact I have bored myself. Anyway I am going to ponder what Gardenhire’s fruit basket heading should be.